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This quinoa salad is really nice! I tend to put in more chili and sesame oil, but that’s just me. And I also put in slivered almonds. Recipe here:


Hardest decision of my life!!! Can’t choose which colour I like better ):

omfg, those are both soooo amazing!

The 8 Worst People at Your Barbecue [Click to continue reading]

So me right now…. Except I’m vegan. XD

Defective Comics

thenewmanhattanite:  The Laird of Muck stands atop his isle, one of 36 populated islands that dot the Inner Hebrides.  Photograph by Jim Richardson.

Japanese Lesson 1: The “Alphabet”

Different “alphabets” is what most people would describe the many different characters in the language. There are four: Romaji, Hirigana, Katakana, and Kanji. Romaji is an insufficient way to learn Japanese because it’s just the English cheat sheet pretty much. Complete memorization. Hirigana is used as a base for pronunciation of Japanese words. It also helps with making Kanji easier by showing the word in an expanded form. Katakana is used for names, foreign words like Rome to Roma, and a lot of onomatopoeia, sounds that relate to action type situations like BAM!, POW!, or KABLAM! (does anyone remember that show? it was one of my favourites! :D) Lastly, Kanji is used for A LOT of vocabulary, as a quicker way to write a word.

Learning about all these has given me a deeper and easier understanding of how a word can be use similarly in different ways and how it’s not difficult when being put in these different ways. It’s actually WAY easier.

Problems from this lesson is my low confidence on Kanji. I’ve studied that shit before and if you miss a stroke or something, it can be really, REALLY, hard to understand. But no worries. Somehow I’ll just pull myself through the mud to get through and understand.

P.S. To those who are reading, I’ll be sure to make this a bit more entertaining. XD


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